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The Lakers offseason pursuit of Donovan Mitchell, just an excuse by Pelinka

By James Brown

The Lakers offseason pursuit of Donovan Mitchell, just an excuse by Pelinka

The Lakers reportedly aren't making any moves ahead of the trade deadline and the rumored pursuit of Donovan Mitchell is an excuse

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Following weeks of multiple reports and rumors, the narrative this week ahead of the NBA's trading deadline for the Los Angeles Lakers has been that they would be making a minor move or none at all and will stand as they currently have built the roster.

D'Angelo Russell was set to be traded, Austin Reaves was reported to be untouchable and names like Zach LaVine, Dejounte Murray, and many more were revealed to be Lakers' potential targets, there were even reports that had GM Rob Pelinka spending his days on the phone trying to find the perfect trade for the team.

But it appears that nothing will happen and with the recent report of the Lakers not making a move because they believe they could land Donovan Mitchell in the summer, seems to be just a way to spin things away from the fact they aren't making a move this trade deadline.

CBS's Bill Reiter first reported the Lakers' interest in Mitchell early today: "Sources tell @CBSsports that a complicating factor on whether or not the Lakers acquire an impact player in the next 24 hours is the belief within the organization they could have a chance to acquire Donovan Mitchell this summer. Knicks also could be in play."

NBA insider believes Pelinka is just trying to steer attention from their lack of moves

"I don't believe the Lakers have a real chance at Mitchell unless he forces his way there, which no reporting suggests he will. The Knicks and Nets just have more to offer. The Lakers front office trying to spin inactivity with hope, however, is basically cliche at this point." Wrote CBS's Sam Quinn.

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