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The Lakers want to sign him in the Summer, is the NBA's 3rd best passer

The Lakers have three stars as potential targets for next summer, one of them is one of the NBA players with the most assists ever

By James Brown

Lakers GM Rob Pelinka
Lakers GM Rob Pelinka
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It has been revealed that the Los Angeles Lakers are targeting in the next offseason three players to add a third superstar to the team to pair him up with Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Recently ESPN's Kendrick Perkins revealed it is going to happen.

The three top targets for the Lakers in the upcoming summer are Donovan Mitchell, Kyrie Irving, and Trae Young. The Lakers stood pat in the trade deadline and will have three first-round picks available to make a move for one of them.

It seems that the best option could be Trae Young as he averages 9.5 APG for his career, the third most in NBA history. He trails only the often considered to be the best point guard of all time, the showtime Lakers legend himself, Magic Johnson, and John Stockton.

Magic averaged 11.4 APG during his career while Stockton 10.5 APG. Young could be a very valuable piece for the Lakers' aspirations of winning an NBA title and should had better success than the fiasco Russell Westbrook became as LA's third superstar.

The Lakers may have been struggling but AD has been his best self since 2020

Despite the Los Angeles Lakers' struggles on the defensive end as a team, Davis stands out as their defensive anchor and primary rim protector. His individual highlights on defense attest to his ability to make game-changing plays and anchor the Lakers' defense.

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