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The NBA may had the All-Star Break, what D'Angelo Russell did to keep the momentum going

The NBA had its All-Star break and D'Angelo Russell spoke about what he did to keep the momentum going

By James Brown

D'Angelo Russell
D'Angelo Russell
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The NBA games are finally back today, and the LA Lakers will be facing the Golden State Warriors, but fans are wondering how the team will do after being away for about a week once they have found momentum and established an identity.

The purple and gold have won six games of the last seven they have played and tonight' they will have a tough test against the Golden State as the team is still shorthanded and now will also be missing their best player LeBron James.

Despite all that, one of the team leaders, D'Angelo Russell, has opened up about how he has been practicing every day like there was a game during the All-Star break to stay on point and keep momentum.

D'Lo also said that it was a good reset that helped him for sure and the rest of his teammates. The team will continue to pursue a four-game winning streak and the trend they have been lately.

D'Angelo Russell spoke about how going to the bench helped him

Since Russell was back in the starting lineup, the point guard has been giving some of the best performances of his career. He recently spoke about how having a coming-off-the-bench role helped him to get into the right mindset for himself and the team.

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