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The responsibility for the Lakers not making a trade by this deadline, revealed

By James Brown

The responsibility for the Lakers not making a trade by this deadline, revealed

The reason for the Lakers changing their minds regarding making a move ahead of the NBA's deadline has been revealed

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been in talks to make a significant move this trade deadline that moves the needle regarding their goal of winning this season's NBA championship title, but the latest reports have the team thinking twice and contemplating keeping their roster as it is.

The reason for it isn't D'Angelo Russell's latest game improvement as many have believed at first, but a player the front office led by GM Rob Pelinka has been pursuing for a long time and wants to sign him next offseason.

A new report by NBA insider Bill Reiter says: "Sources tell @CBSsports that a complicating factor on whether or not the Lakers acquire an impact player in the next 24 hours is the belief within the organization they could have a chance to acquire Donovan Mitchell this summer. Knicks also could be in play."

While another CBS reporter, Sam Quinn posted: "I don't believe the Lakers have a real chance at Mitchell unless he forces his way there, which no reporting suggests he will. The Knicks and Nets just have more to offer. The Lakers front office trying to spin inactivity with hope, however, is basically cliche at this point." Reiter responded "They believe they do. So do Knicks."

What Mitchell could bring to the Lakers roster for next season

A talent the caliber of Mitchell is certainly worth keeping assets available for as he is a game-changer. The Cavaliers guard ranks fifth in the NBA in scoring and just one year ago, he dropped 71 points in a game. On paper, he would fit well next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, capable of playing on and off the ball, and is the kind of No. 1 scoring option who could pair with Davis once LeBron’s playing days are done.

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