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The shorthanded Lakers fail to honor Kobe losing to the Nuggets

By James Brown

The shorthanded Lakers fail to honor Kobe losing to the Nuggets

The Lakers were shorthanded and still were able to give a good battle to the Nuggets but failed to give the W on Kobe's statue unveiling day

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Just when the fans were hoping for the Los Angeles Lakers to have an epic close of the game against the Denver Nuggets, the team wasn't able to stop Jamal Murray and the reigning champions and ended with a loss on a day that fans really wanted the win.

Earlier today the LA Lakers franchise honored Kobe Bryant by unveiling the first of three statues that will be outside of the Arena, the "House that Kobe built." Fans wanted to have a round day ending with a win over the NBA reigning champions, but the team failed.

It was a close battle most of the game, and in what became a deja vu from the 2023 WCF series, the Nuggets ended the last minute with a 10-2 run that ended all hopes for the purple and gold. Still, LA gave a good battle being shorthanded.

Cam Reddish, Gabe Vincent, and Jarred Vanderbilt have been out for a couple of games, but moments before the game started, D'Angelo Russell was announced to be out, and in the first half, Max Christie, D'Lo's replacement in the starting lineup got injured and sat out for the rest of the contest.

The Lakers have a seven-game losing streak vs. Denver

The Lakers lose to the Nuggets, 114-106, with Denver closing on a 10-2 run to end it. AD 32p 9r; LeBron 25p 9r 7a; Reaves 15p 10a; Prince 13p. The Lakers have now lost seven straight to DEN, dating back to last season, including the playoffs.