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The Suns destroying the Lakers has Vogel showing how awful Darvin Ham actually is

The LA Lakers are being destroyed by the Phoenix Suns after the first quarter showing which team has the better head coach

By James Brown

Frank Vogel and Darvin Ham
Frank Vogel and Darvin Ham
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After one quarter, the Los Angeles Lakers are trailing by 17 points against the Phoenix Suns in what is their toughest rival with their newest starting lineup, on which they currently are 6-0 and that could change for bad depending on how they do today.

But one thing is evident, the Phoenix Suns have the superior coach Frank Vogel who happens to be the former Lakers head coach and the last one to give the LA Lakers a championship title.

Laker fans couldn’t understand why Vogel had to play who was available at the time when coaching the LA Lakers in the 2021-22 season. When he had a good roster we got a championship and even the next season with AD and LeBron missing a lot of games playoffs and still top defensively.

Ham is just out there looking lost, with his hands in his pocket and now knowing when to call for a time out or make any adjustments. The reality is that the group has been getting the wins because of the roster talent and not what Darvin has trying to do.

Everything is going bad for the LA Lakers as the Suns are destroying them

The Suns close the first quarter on a 25-11 run to take a 45-28 lead into the second quarter. Los Angeles Lakers had five turnovers, leading to 11 Phoenix Suns points. Anthony Davis has scored only two points so far in the game.

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