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Trae Young could become a new Laker in the summer, latest news foreshadows it

By James Brown

Trae Young could become a new Laker in the summer, latest news foreshadows it

The Lakers have Trae Young between one of their three main targets for the next NBA offseason

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One of the big reasons for the LA Lakers not making a trade at the NBA's deadline was the fact they wanted to save their first-round pick to have 3 available to use in a big trade next summer to land a third star for the team's roster for the next campaign.

Three All-Star names have been revealed as potential targets for the LA Lakers to land and team up with Anthony Davis and LeBron James, in case the superstar signs an extension with them. Donovan Mitchell, Trae Young, and Kyrie Irving.

Out of the three All-Star players, Young seems to be the most feasible to be landed by the Lakers according to recent reports that suggest Atlanta is willing to make a trade for their star, even over Dejounte Murray who was linked to the purple and gold in the trade deadline.

Rival teams believe that Atlanta could potentially choose to keep Dejounte Murray rather than Trae Young during this offseason, per NBA insider Marc Stein. “Perhaps the more significant reason why Trae Trade Talk has a more tangible feel than ever before: There appears to be a true market forming for Young for really the first time in his six seasons as a Hawk.”

Spencer Dinwiddie is the only move made by the Lakers in the trade deadline-buyout market

Dinwiddie was the only significant acquisition that the Lakers made during the span of the NBA Trade Deadline and buyout market. The 30-year-old's contract is looking very affordable considering his averages for the season. He can give the Lakers 12.6 points on a 39.1% clip from all three levels of scoring. Not to mention, he also drops six assists per contest and grabs 3.3 rebounds.

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