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What AD and LeBron did vs. the Spurs that need to do for the rest of the Lakers games

The Lakers need to win as many games as possible, and for that, LeBron James and AD need to bring their best level to every single contest

By James Brown

Anthony Davis and LeBron James
Anthony Davis and LeBron James
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There's no more time for speculation or to pursue finding their identity, they have done it and now it's the moment for the LA Lakers to get on a winning streak that can take them straight to the next round, the playoffs, and avoid the Play-In tournament.

To do that, LeBron James and Anthony Davis need to stay as healthy as they can and bring their best level like they showed against the San Antonio Spurs this Friday night.

Both purple and gold superstars scored a combined of 58 points which is impressive, being, once again, the best duo in the NBA despite what the media narrative tries to sell.

Besides the points, AD also had 13 rebounds and one steal while LeBron had 7 rebounds, 9 assists, and one steal. Both players looked in their prime and now it's time for the rest of the team to step up and take it to the next level.

Taurean Prince continues to be a disappointment for the fans and the team

When the wing Taurean Prince isn't efficient on his shooting, he doesn't make a difference for the team and now with a coming off-the-bench role, the player hasn't been able to show his best efficacy from deep, the team needs as many 3-pointers as they can.

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