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What could prevent LeBron James from joining Team USA for the 2024 Paris Olympic

After Team USA's failure at the 2023 FIBA World Cup, fans want to see LeBron join a super team for the 2024 Paris Olympics

By James Brown

LeBron James
LeBron James
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Austin Reaves was part of the Team USA that failed at the 2023 FIBA World Cup despite being one of the standouts from the competition. But NBA fans were left disappointed with two consecutive failures from the Americans in that competition and want to have a superteam for this summer's 2024 Paris Olympics.

Rumors immediately point out to LeBron James speaking with other superstars in the league about having a 'last dance' with Team USA for the 2024 Olympics, and now the Lakers superstar has opened up about his potential participation in the Summer and what could prevent it from happening.

Despite being in Year 21, James seems genuinely excited about the idea of playing for the national team again in the 2024 Olympics. He reiterated his commitment but acknowledged it’ll depend on his health at the end of the season.

“Yeah, I mean, I told myself before the season when I committed to being a part of the Olympic team, obviously it was all predicated on my health,James said. “As it stands right now, I am healthy enough to be on the team and perform at a level that I knew I could perform at. Like you said, there’s still time left in the season, a third left in the regular season. Obviously, I don’t know what the future holds as far as postseason, whatever the case may be. Like you said, it’s 11 games, but it is 5 1/2 weeks, and it’s more miles put on these tires."

LeBron James is committed to participate and wants to stay healthy

“I’ve always — if I’m committed, which I am, to Team USA, then I’m going to commit my mind, body and soul to being out there for Team USA, being out there representing our country with the utmost respect and go out and play.vBut the one thing I know for sure, I don’t have to carry the load. I’ve never had to carry the load on any one of the three teams I’ve been on, the ’04 team, the ’08 team and the ’12 team. I just try to do my best and be as great as I can be on the floor in the minutes I’m out there." Said LeBron James.

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