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When Michael Jordan accepted Kobe Bryant could defeat him in a 1-on-1 contest

Lakers legendary coach Phil Jackson revealed a hilarious MJ and Kobe anecdote

By James Brown

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant
Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant
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The LA Lakers late legend Kobe Bryant modeled his game after Michael Jordan, but not only wanted to be like the Chicago Bulls legend but even a better version, as he always pursued to become the greatest player of all-time and a winner, for many in the NBA world he succeeded, for others it became really close and did become one of the best ever.

Bryant never lacked confidence in his abilities and game. Phil Jackson revealed a hilarious anecdote during this Thursday's Lakers icon's statue ceremony that he once set up a meeting between Kobe and Michael Jordan, where the purple and gold legend told the Chicago Bulls icon that he would beat him 1-on-1.

"We had a little meeting in the cigar room of the bar downstairs," Jackson said. "Michael and I were sitting there and Kobe walked in after a shower and the press whatnot. He sat down (and) he said, 'Michael, I can take you 1-on-1.' And Michael said, 'Well, I think you might, I'm 37, you're 22, right.'"

Kobe Bryant went on to play for 20 years in the NBA only in one franchise, the Los Angeles Lakers, winning five championship titles and becoming arguably the greatest player of the purple and gold team over legends like Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain and more.

Phila Jackson revealed the moment he was most proud of Kobe Bryant

"Jay Leno invited the team to go on the Tonight Show and about seven or eight of them came on the Tonight Show," Jackson stated. "Some of them were in the front, some were sitting in the back on chairs. Jay Leno was trying to make humor, he said, 'Who's this guy that was always in uniform or never in uniform, always dressed, is sitting behind you right there?'"

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