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While Anthony Davis is one of the best players this season, the reason people are sleeping on him

The LA Lakers are still battling to get into the playoffs, and the NBA and the media keep disrespecting Anthony Davis despite his greatness

By James Brown

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis
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Not only is the LA Lakers superstar Anthony Davis the best defensive player in the NBA for multiple years now, but people continue to sleep on him, and this time it seems because of the team's struggles during the 2023-24 campaign.

The purple and gold fans have come to realize that people aren't giving AD his credit cause the team has struggled. A lot of the struggles have come because of the roster being severely injured and coach Darvin Ham's significant mistakes in the past.

Anthony Davis is the best defensive player in the league and even should be the top runner for the MVP or at least inside the top 5, but the NBA and the media continue to not give him his credit or even consider him a top candidate for both awards.

The NBA media has complained about Anthony Davis being inconsistent, not staying healthy, and not being the leader of the team when LeBron is not around. This year, he has been doing the three things, but still, they are sleeping on him and not giving the credit he deserves as he is giving his best year, regarding performances with the purple and gold.

Anthony Davis isn't obsessed with winning personal awards

Because of the constant disrespect AD continues to receive regarding personal awards, he said it doesn't stop him from sleeping as he is focused on the ultimate goal, winning another NBA title alongside LeBron James with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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