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While Bam Adebayo believes Anthony Davis is the DPOY, former Heat star differs

Recently Bam Adebayo said he believes AD is the better defensive player but a former Miami Heat star says otherwise

By James Brown

Bam Adebayo vs. Anthony Davis
Bam Adebayo vs. Anthony Davis
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After the All-Star, Bam Adebayo said the Lakers star Anthony Davis is the best defensive player of the year. "I mean that man blocks how many shots a game? I mean that's the deciding factor right there." Said Adebayo. The Heat star pointed to Davis's shot-blocking prowess as the key factor in his selection, emphasizing the intimidating presence Davis brings to the court.

With an average of 2.5 blocks per game, Davis ranks fifth in the league in this category, showcasing his ability to protect the rim and disrupt opponents' scoring opportunities.

But a former Miami Heat star, Norris Cole has now made the claim, and while he couldn't call Adebayo a better offensive player than Davis, he gave the Heat star plenty of love elsewhere, showing he differs on his take of AD being the best defensive player.

Norris Cole says Bam Adebayo is top 25 and better than Anthony Davis on Gils Arena. “He’s best 2 way player in league. He assist better, playmaker better, he shot blocks just as good if not better, he switches and plays man better.”

The Lakers may have been struggling but AD has been his best self since 2020

Despite the Los Angeles Lakers' struggles on the defensive end as a team, Davis stands out as their defensive anchor and primary rim protector. His individual highlights on defense attest to his ability to make game-changing plays and anchor the Lakers' defense.

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