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While Christian Wood took the credit, Spencer reveals the player that convinced

Spencer Dinwiddie spoke on the Lakers player that recruited him and wasn't Christian Wood like the big man first said

By James Brown

Christian Wood
Christian Wood
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The Los Angeles Lakers have signed point guard Spencer Dinwiddie in the buyout market and Christian Wood took to Twitter to share that he was the one who recruited the new purple and gold player, but it seems that isn't exactly the case.

“How the hell are we going to give C-Wood the credit? Bro, what are we doing? Hey, look, C-Wood was impactful, but I’m giving the credit to Bron.” Spencer Dinwiddie credits LeBron James over Christian Wood for recruiting him to the Lakers.

Dinwiddie just had his first official practice as an LA Lakers player and explained the $1 contract incentive bonus if the Lakers win the championship as sort of an inside joke that he and his agent, Jason Glushon of GSM, concocted.

The Lakers had a child-size Lakers No. 26 jersey waiting for Spencer Dinwiddie’s son, Elijah, when he reported to the practice facility for the first time. And that detail is what made it all feel real for the L.A. native coming home.

Spencer explained why he chose the Lakers over Dallas

Spencer Dinwiddie explains why he picked the Lakers over the Mavs: “Let’s say you’re a kid and you get your ass whupped by the bully. Dallas would have been like your mama, like, ‘It’s OK, baby.’ … Lakers are like your dad: ‘Nah, you better go out there and fight ‘til you win.’”

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