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While Darvin Ham is clueless at game, Celtic's head coach learns from the best Soccer Coach

The Lakers lost again, showing coach Darvin Ham is not good, while Joe Mazzulla shared he is learning from one of the best sports coaches ev

By James Brown

Joe Mazzullo and Darvin Ham
Joe Mazzullo and Darvin Ham
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The Los Angeles Lakers had another loss, this time against the Phoenix Suns where some players weren't up to the task, but especially coach Darvin Ham showed once again he isn't the right fit to be at the helm of the purple and gold.

Unlike other unexperienced NBA head coaches, Joe Mazzulla continues to lead the Boston Celtics, the Lakers' biggest rival in the league's history to be the first seed in the Eastern Conference and looking like the best squad currently.

Mazzulla recently made a post letting it clear where he gets some of his inspiration and which sports coach he is learning a lot from, the Soccer's Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola.

In a picture where both coaches can be seen next to each other, Joe has a Man City with his name "Joe" while Guardiola has a Celtic Jersey that reads "Guardiola," the Boston's head wrote the following message: "I study a lot of Man City. I study Pep a lot. I think he's the best coach at any level, in any sport. It's had a huge influence (on me)." Meanwhile, Darvin Ham blames his players for the loss to the Suns while making excuses.

Darvin Ham blamed Anthony Davi's early foul trouble as one of the reasons for the loss

After the Lakers loss to the Suns, in the post-game presser, via NBA insider Jovan Buha of The Athletic: "Darvin Ham says that Anthony Davis' early foul trouble altered the rotation and led to him playing Max Christie later than he had planned to."

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