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While Dwight Howard is jobless, the 500K Luxury to show off his 2020 ring

By James Brown

While Dwight Howard is jobless, the 500K Luxury to show off his 2020 ring

A former Laker loves the franchise his title the team so much that has incorporated it into a luxury item that uses in his daily life

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The 2020 NBA Championship is always going to be special for the LA Lakers, for everything that happened to the franchise and the players had to live through and even the world with the Covid pandemic.

In the case of the former Lakers big center Dwight Howard, not only was his second stint with the purple and gold successful but he was able to win his first NBA championship title in his long and successful career.

Howard is so proud of the title, that he has incorporated his championship ring in an interesting way to his customized purple Rolls Royce. Howard posted a video on his IG where he shows that the only way you can start his Rolls Royce is with his ring by putting up in the trophy that's in front of the car.

It seems that only Dwight can drive his car, because is the only one with the ring that activates the "Purple Rain Dwightmobile." Howard continues to show his love to the team even when he is no longer part of its roster.

The fans want a fourth stint for Dwight with the Lakers

With the Lakers looking to add another center to their roster, the fans want to see Dwight Howard having his fourth stint with the purple and gold, but that doesn't seem to be a priority by GM Rob Pelinka who recently signed Jaxson Hayes to fill the role Howard had in the 2020 championship title.

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