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While Former Heat Star says Bam Adebayo is better than Davis, the video that proves him wrong

Recently Adebayo said AD is the best defensive player while the former Heat star said otherwise, but in their last face-off, the Laker won

By James Brown

Bam Adebayo vs. Anthony Davis
Bam Adebayo vs. Anthony Davis
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The Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis is without a question the best defensive player of the league, he has proven it game after game, still, there are a lot of doubters, and former Miami Heat star Norris Cole is one of them.

Norris Cole says Bam Adebayo is top 25 and better than Anthony Davis on Gils Arena. “He’s best 2 way player in league. He assist better, playmaker better, he shot blocks just as good if not better, he switches and plays man better.”

Funny enough, Adebayo recently came out to say that the Lakers' big man is the best defensive player in the league. There's a reason why the Miami star said it, as in their last game, AD guarded the hell out of Adebayo by not letting him play.

There's a video with a specific play that resumes what happened when the two of them faced each other in a 1-on-1 with the purple and gold clearly getting the advantage.

Bam Adebayo chose Anthony Davis as the best Defensive Player of the League

Adebayo said at the All-Star Media Day that he wasn't picking anyone in the East, he chose Anthony Davis as the best defensive player in the league because AD blocks multiple shots per game and is a decisive factor.

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