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Without trades at the NBA's deadline, Ham's goal for tonight's vs. Nuggets

By James Brown

Without trades at the NBA's deadline, Ham's goal for tonight's vs. Nuggets

The Lakers didn't make a trade at the NBA's deadline and coach Ham wants to see tonight what his roster is capable of

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The decision was made, the LA Lakers stood pat at the trade deadline and coach Darvin Ham won't have a significant new player, except for any movement at the buyout market tonight's game against the Denver Nuggets will be a good test of how the team is doing at this point in the campaign.

Darvin Ham spoke on how he measures tonight's game vs. Nuggets: "I'm looking at it as more of a progress report for us." The team currently has a 3-game winning streak and is looking to increase it against one of the best squads in the Western Conference and the NBA's reigning champions.

After the Lakers didn't make a move at the NBA's trade deadline, coach Darvin Ham spoke on the current roster: "We've had our ups and downs, but I have all the confidence in the world with all the people in the locker room."

Lakers GM Rob Pelinka on the decision to stay put at the trade deadline: "You can't buy a house that's not for sale... The right move wasn't there. Sometimes no move is better than an unwise move."

Rob Pelinka spoke about his plans for the buyout market after the trade deadline

Rob Pelinka on his approach to the buyout market: “Two things we’re looking at. [One] is a ball-handling guard. We signed Gabe Vincent and he’s played five games. So that would be top of the list…The best available player would be next.”

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