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You won't believe the story behind some of Anthony Davis's most famous tattoos

The LA Lakers superstar Anthony Davis has a lot of tattoos and now has revealed what some of them mean

By James Brown

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis
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The LA Lakers are back tonight to action when they are facing the Warriors at Golden State in a must-win game that will put them to the test without their biggest star in an already shorthanded roster.

The official X (Twitter) from the Los Angeles Lakers posted a video where Anthony Davis showed off some of his tattoos and even revealed what a couple of them mean to him and why he got them.

One of the most cryptic tattoos Anthony Davis has that the Lakers fans have been wondering what it means is 3:11 and the superstar revealed that he got it because most of the time he checks his clock is that time, sometimes in the afternoon and sometimes at the morning, plus, his Birthday date is 3/11.

Another of his tattoos is "simple math" and AD said that is just something that he applies in life, to don't think about things more than it should do, as it's just "simple math."

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