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According to an analyst, LeBron James complained about being underpaid

By James Brown

According to an analyst, LeBron James complained about being underpaid

According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, LeBron James complained about being underpaid during his time in Miami. 

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LeBron James just signed a two-year extension with the Lakers during this offseason. The new deal will give him $97 million. This new deal will make the four-time MVP player the highest-earning player in NBA history as he will reach just over $530 million guarantee during his career. However, this is not always the case. According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, LeBron complained about being underpaid during his time on the Miami Heat.

The NBA analyst recalled that even after being tied for the highest salary, that wasn't enough for LeBron. "I brought up to him that he had never actually been the highest-paid player on his team, he was tied as the highest-paid player with Chris Bosh, but he wasn't the highest-paid player.His head snapped around, and he goes, 'that's an untold story,' and he kind of went off on a rant about being underpaid, which he was. He was underpaid."

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Being a first round pick, LeBron James earned a fair amount of money. During his first four years in Cleveland, he earned around four million per year. After his second contract with the team, his salary almost quadrupled to 15 million per day by his last year with the team. Then he moved to Miami, where in his first two years he earned less than what he had gained with the Cavaliers despite having a better resume. In the end, James ended up earning around $64 million in four years.

Now with the Lakers, the King has earned more than twice what he did with the Heat, where he won two championships. Right now, he has earned over $150 million in four years with the Lakers. However, that amount will increase when his new extension hits. It's hard to imagine LeBron James being underpaid. But even after this new extension, there are still around nine players with better average salaries than him.

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LeBron James' first game in Seattle in almost 15 years ended in a bizarre experience. The league decided to call off the game after only two quarters due to condensation in the court. The wet and slippery conditions created a risky situation and it wasn't worth risking the players, especially a player as important as LeBron James. Still, the 'King' decided to send some appreciation to the fans and call it a 'special' night.



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