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According to experts, this is the position Bronny will be taken in the 2024 draft

He is currently projected to be taken late in the first round

By James Brown

He is currently projected to be taken late in the first round
He is currently projected to be taken late in the first round
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Although we are still a couple of years away from seeing LeBron James' oldest son play in the NBA, experts are already starting to make their predictions as to where the King's first-born son will be taken in the 2024 draft.

According to reports, LeBron James' oldest son would be one of the last picks in the first round or one of the first picks in the second round of the 2024 draft. This is certainly speculation based on the level Bronny has already shown in high school (Sierra Canyon School). Bronny is currently 17 years old.

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According to the co-host of a famous podcast; the younger James has time to improve his status with a couple of strong seasons in both high school and college. So far, Bronny James has shown great qualities however he still needs to improve in certain areas.

By all accounts, everyone I've talked to in the NBA who does this for a living talks about Bronny as a late first-round or early second-round pick," Fedor said. "That could change. He could have a great season this year in high school, and then he could go somewhere to college and have a great freshman season and then the status quo changes."

Father and son in the NBA

It should be remembered that LeBron James has stated on several occasions that his intention is to play with LeBron James Jr before he retires. This can certainly affect teams' decisions heading into the 2024 draft as they would look to have King LeBron in his later years of his career. LeBron recently signed a contract extension tying him to the Los Angeles Lakers through 2024. It remains to be seen if the Los Angeles Lakers can get the pick to select Bronny as Pelinka wants LeBron to retire as a Laker.



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