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Boston Celtics star was blown away by LeBron James' popularity

By James Brown

Boston Celtics star was blown away by LeBron James' popularity

Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum, was impressed by LeBron James' popularity during the Pro-Am.

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LeBron James was the focal point of the CrawsOver Pro-Am league last weekend in Seattle. The all-star player was one of the pro players that assisted in the summer league, but definitely was the player that most people wanted to see. According to another star, Jayson Tatum, the fans went crazy when they saw the ‘King’ enter the court.

Tatum and James were teammates during the short event. They even gave us one of the highlights of the game as the Celtics' star gave a layup that LeBron ended with a dunk. During an interview with Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks, Tatum recalled the amazing moment when the Seattle crowd reacted to seeing LeBron..

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“You know, I think I’m a big deal, but when LeBron walked out there, and it’s like I know Bron and we see him all the time, but these people see him on TV, you know, they haven’t seen him play in years. So the kids lost their minds when he walked on the court. That was a cool moment to see,” explained Tatum.

LeBron James played in his 19th season, at age 37, last year. Still, he was the top player in jersey sales in the whole league. That goes to show you that even if he's not in his prime anymore, he is still the most influential and polarizing player in the NBA. Now he's entering his 20th season at age 38, and there's no doubt he will be at the top of the charts in jerseys sold.

LeBron James sad ending in Seattle

Jamal Crawford's Pro-Am league, CrawsOver, was supposed to be a great celebration as it would be LeBron James' first game in Seattle in almost 15 years. Unfortunately, the game was called off in the second quarter as there was condensation on the court, and it just was not worth risking the players, especially LeBron.


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