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Breaking News: The Lakers EPIC Kobe statue announcement at Mamba Day, official date & details

By James Brown

The announcement all Lakers fans have long been waiting for is finally here and couldn't be better

The announcement all Lakers fans have long been waiting for is finally here and couldn't be better

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The late Kobe Bryant is the greatest Lakers player of all time, since his tragic passing a little bit more than three years ago, the fans have been wondering when a statue for the "black mamba" will be unveiled, we finally have the answer.

Yesterday was Kobe's birthday, and today is known as Mamba Day, because of the date 08/24 which is the two numbers Bryant immortalized with the purple and gold, has been the date when the Los Angeles Lakers made the official announcement of the Kobe Bryant's statue unveiling.

In a video where Kobe's widow, Vanessa Bryant speaks to the fans, she announces the statue that will be unveiled in honor of his husband and Lakers legend Kobe Bryant a statue right in the center of LA in front of the place known as, "the house that Kobe built," Staples Center (now Arena) so that his legacy can be celebrated forever!

The date for the unveiling is 2/8/24. Fans have already crossed the date in their calendars, and it has been reported that the statue will include Kobe and Vanessa's daughter Gianna Bryant, best known as Gigi, who sadly passed alongside his father in the tragic helicopter crash accident. Lakers fans couldn't be more happy with the most expected announcement for Kobe Bryant's statue.

Jeanie Buss speaks about Kobe Bryant's upcoming statue

"Kobe Bryant was one of the most extraordinary athletes of all time and one of the most iconic individuals in the history of Los Angeles. There is no better place for Kobe to be honored with a statue than here, at the center of our city, where everyone can celebrate him and be inspired by his incredible achievements." Said Jeanie Buss on Kobe's upcoming statue.


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