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Bronny James brought back to earth by 15-year veteran

By James Brown

Bronny James brought back to earth by 15-year veteran

After a week being the internet sensation, Bronny James was brought back to reality by 15-year veteran Thaddeus Young.

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Bronny James has been the internet sensation during the past week. LeBron James' oldest son was part of the California Basketball Club that went to compete in a EuroTour. During the tournament, the teenager went viral in three videos. The first was a video of Bronny playing alongside his brother Bryce for the first time ever. Then the following two showed the 17 year old player dominating the game with a huge dunk and then with an even bigger block. Most people can't wait to see him play with his father in the NBA, but some others believe he is not that huge of a talent.

Thaddeus Young has been in the NBA since 2007. He has seen very talented players during his lengthy career, but as for himself, he has never been a top player in the league. Still, he decided to give his input to the internet sensation Bronny James. The power forward believes that the teenager is a solid player but, unlike his father, he is not a elite prospect. He still gave some recognition to the young player though.

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Young decided to give his own scouting report, arguing that Bronny does a lot of good things while playing basketball. But none of those are elite, despite what his highlights have shown in the past week or so. “He’s solid as hell,” said Young. “Obviously, probably not the elite of the elite. But he’s athletic, he’s strong, he plays defense, he can shoot the ball well, he can run the point guard position, he can play off ball.”

Young's comments might have been harsh, but not out of the blue. In reality, right now, Bronny James isn't a top prospect in the country. However, the young player still has time to improve his game as he will enter his high school senior year in the 2022-23 season. It has also been reported that James wants to commit to a college program which can also help him improve. Who knows, maybe by 2025 he is undoubtedly a first round pick.

Will the Lakers make LeBron James' dream possible?

LeBron James has repeatedly said that he wants to play with his son in the NBA before he retires. Right now, the ‘King’ is under contract until 2024 with another year on option. The sooner Broony can get to the NBA is by 2024, but if he commits to college, he might be entering the league by 2025. The Lakers don't have a first round pick until 2027 and they might give that away too. Maybe the way father and son can play together is if LeBron leaves Los Angeles.






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