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Darvin Ham's Bet to bring the Lakers back to the top 3 on the Western Conference

This way the lakers could be a contending team again. 

By James Brown

This way the lakers could be a contending team again. 
This way the lakers could be a contending team again. 
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Last season made one thing very clear. If Anthony Davis is not back to his best it will be very difficult for the Lakers to be a title-contending team. Beyond having LeBron at a great level, he can't do it alone. Last season Anthony Davis only played 40 games, which is less than 50%.

The problem was not only Davis but Frank Vogel, who did not have enough ideas to make the Lakers work both on offense and defense. But for this season the new coach, Darvin Ham, has made his offensive scheme very clear so the Lakers can be the team they were 2 years ago.

Last Tuesday Darvin Ham, LeBron James, and the Lakers front office held a meeting to discuss important business for the upcoming season. One of them was the issue of offense. Darvin Ham concluded that Anthony Davis is the key to the Laker's offense.

We have to remember that in the last Lakers championship, when LeBron James and Anthony Davis were both scorings over 50 points, the winning percentage was extremely high, so much that they won the Larry O'Brien trophy. In the last two seasons, Davis averaged less than 23 points per game, less than 10 rebounds, and 3 assists.

Does Ham's statement close the door on a possible trade of Davis?

The reality is that in the basketball world you never know. Things can change from one minute to the next one. But the statement of the new Lakers coach gives confidence to the fans regarding the issue of his possible transfer. And not just the fans but Davis who is said to have lost weight and has been practicing his shot. As for the possibility of Davis leaving, the chances are low, especially when he will be the engine of the offense.

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