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Even at age 38, LeBron James is still the best in this categories

By James Brown

Even at age 38, LeBron James is still the best in this categories

LeBron James is no longer the ‘Iron-man’ he once was, but he is still as good as ever and these two categories can prove it.

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LeBron James was without question the Lakers' best player last season. Even after missing almost 30 games due to injury, he still scored MVP numbers. The Lakers season was a complete disaster as they missed the playoffs, a result of winning only 33 games. They finished the campaign 11th in the West and missed the postseason for the second year in the last four years. Now with a new $97 million extension, LeBron must carry the Lakers once more if they want to win another title.

According to Jason Timpf from Volume Sports, LeBron James is still a top two dominant player in the NBA, only behind Giannis Antetokounmpo. The NBA analyst pointed out that the ‘King’ still had the second-highest scoring average, 30.3 PPG, and the fifth-highest effective field-goal percentage, 59%. This despite him playing in his 19th season at age 37. Now he's going to his year 20 expected to be as good as ever.

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Timpf argues that LeBron is the most dominant player while attacking the basket despite his surrounding cast, or lack of. "So basically, LeBron James through 19 seasons, with all the mileage on his body, with the horrific [floor] spacing that the Lakers had last year with Russell Westbrook on the court, the 22nd ranked three-point efficiency team in the league, with all of those factors working against him, he was every bit as productive and efficient getting the basket as Giannis. That's outrageous."

LeBron James not only led his team in scoring points per game, but also led them in minutes played per game. This while being the oldest guy on the Lakers. True, he ended up missing a big chunk of the season, which might be the reason why his team missed the postseason, but every time he stepped on the court, he showed why he is one of the best players in NBA history. Lakers fans can just hope he can play 60 games or more i the following season.

The Lakers big problem

The Lakers have a lot of questions going into the next season. One of those, of course, is the team's roster, as they only have two all-star players in James and AD, (there's Westbrook too, but it's not a guarantee that he is going to be at the start of the season). However, the biggest problem is that the two players can no longer stay healthy. If neither of the two can be on the court, there's no player that can lead the team to victory.




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