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For Skip Bayless, LeBron James will not win another Championship

By James Brown

For Skip Bayless, LeBron James will not win another Championship

Undisputed host Skip Bayless believes that LeBron James will not win another title in his career. 

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LeBron James just signed a two-year extension with the Los Angeles Lakers. Now the Purple and Gold can focus on building a team around the future Hall of Famer, so that they can compete for the championship. Right now, the team isn't so different from the one that missed the playoffs last season. The Lakers still want to make some moves before the season starts, but Undisputed host Skip Bayless believes that no matter what, LeBron will not win another championship in his career.

The two-year extension will give the 38-year-old a total of $97 million over the next few years. This will make him the highest-earning player in NBA history. There are many reasons for LeBron to celebrate this season, but as training camp approaches, the pressure starts to rise. The Lakers still have a question about Russell Westbrook's status as he is part of the Kyrie Irving trade. But after some weeks, there had been no movement regarding the Lakers' offer.

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Skip Bayless reacted after LeBron James' signing that the ‘King’ won't win another title as he is more interested in living comfortably in Los Angeles instead of chasing another title. “The man is content with LA mediocrity, that's what he is competent with, because the Lakers promised they are going to do everything in their power (to compete).. they will offer the two future picks, but nothings is going to happen, they are going to laugh at your face”. commented Bayless.

Finally, Bayles gave his prediction about LeBron's future in the league. He explained that LeBron doesn't have a team to compete for a championship, not only for the next year but for the rest of his career. “You need Kyrie Irving… right here, right now, I'll bet LeBron James never wins another championship” concluded the Undisputed host, making the emphasis that he doesn't even believe the Lakers are winning 50 games this season.

Are the Lakers contenders for next season?

As things stand today, the Lakers might be the sixth or seventh best team in the Western Conference. In order to compete for the championship, they will have to go through the Clippers, the Warriors, the Suns, the Grizzlies and the Mavs. That's no easy task. The Lakers depend on LeBron and Davis to win games and lately, with the injuries both players have suffered, the team might not win as much as if they were both healthy.




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