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He won the championship title with the Lakers in 2020, the low blow that gives to the team

By James Brown

A Lakers former champion has given a low blow to the team with a recent statement

A Lakers former champion has given a low blow to the team with a recent statement

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After the LA Lakers won the 2020 championship title, the GM Rob Pelinka didn't keep the roster and now only Anthony Davis and LeBron James remain from that team.

Danny Green is among the unique NBA players who have won titles with multiple teams, meaning he has a varied collection of championship rings, including one earned while playing with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The low blow from Green to LA came when asked which of those meaningful pieces of jewelry he would sell if he had to, Green chose the Lakers ring he won in 2020.

“I could probably make the most off the Lakers one,” Green said. “And that’s probably the one you want to keep. San Antonio is a little older, so it’s a nice ring. But it’s not as nice as Toronto. The Toronto one is ridiculous. It’s the biggest one. I can possibly get the most money for it. It was a bubble year. It’s a Kobe year. And you know, Lakers fans, it’s a bigger fan base throughout the nation."

The reason why Green would sell his LA ring

“Now, obviously, Canadians are special man. They treat you unbelievably. So it would be between those two. But I’ll probably keep the Toronto one and sell the L.A. one. Because I’ll get the most for the L.A. one, and the Toronto one I think, I wouldn’t say I like the most, but I think it’s, I wouldn’t say more meaningful but like, you know.” Said Danny.

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