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Is not playing in Taiwan, Dwight Howard reveals his biggest career mistake

By James Brown

The former Lakers big Dwight Howard has seen his career to be far from the NBA and now has revealed his biggest mistake

The former Lakers big Dwight Howard has seen his career to be far from the NBA and now has revealed his biggest mistake

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Dwight Howard has been in the Los Angeles Lakers three different times, his first stint ended in 2013 after playing with Kobe Bryant, then in 2019-20 was part of the champion roster alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Finally, his third stint with the purple and gold played for the 2021-22 season which was a complete failure for everyone involved. Howard didn't find another NBA team to play with and had to move to Taiwan to continue his basketball career.

Now Howard has revealed that his worst career mistake was to change the LA Lakers and Kobe Bryant for the Houston Rockets and James Harden.

“I felt the best team for me at the time was, I wanted to go to Brooklyn but that didn’t happen, so I went to the Lakers and when I saw James Harden, I looked at him like a younger version of Kobe. I don’t know why I was thinking that. No disrespect to James, I’m not saying he’s bad or anything, but you know I was thinking at the time me and James could be a new version of Kobe and Shaq. Because he’s the young two-guard coming up in the league, I’m the older center that’s dominating. I was thinking, man maybe we got a chance. The furthest we got was the Western Conference Finals, but I feel like we weren’t on the same page like we needed to. Y’know, if I could’ve stayed in some spots longer, I definitely would have [won a ring]. The Lakers decision was solely based on me and James was going to be better at that time. Me and Kobe, we could’ve figured it out, I think we left a lot of shit out on the table, we could’ve figured that out." Said Howard.

Dwight Howard wishes he should've stayed in LA

“I feel like if I would’ve stayed in L.A., I think a lot of the narratives would’ve changed around about me. I think me leaving and not saying anything about anything, it gave the other media voice to speak on my behalf and say what they felt. Since I didn’t say nothing, now people got this whole misconception about ‘oh, he couldn’t handle the spotlight,’ ‘oh, he didn’t wanna be here because of one guy.’ I didn’t really say anything about it and I should’ve stepped up, I should’ve manned up and said something. But, looking back on it, if I would’ve sat down and really thought about my decisions without being in my emotions, I probably would’ve stayed in L.A at that time.” Said Howard

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