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Jeanie Buss would never consider doing this with the Lakers

By James Brown

Jeanie Buss would never consider doing this with the Lakers

Jeanie Buss would never consider ‘tanking’ to improve the roster for upcoming seasons.

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Taking out the bubble run in 2020, where the Lakers won the championship, the team has been below average, if not mediocre. The team has been out of the playoffs six times since the 2014-2015 season. Twice have been with LeBron James on the roster. Despite this, Lakers owner, Jeanie Buss, argued that she would never consider tanking to improve the roster.

“You can provide enough resources to make sure that you have a competitive team year in and year out. Some people may debate the idea of tanking for several years. My dad never did that in 32 years,” she explained during an interview for SiriusXM NBA Radio.

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Buss continued arguing that the only way to compete for the championship is to be on the playoffs and that is what she wants for the team every year. “They deserve to have a quality product. Nobody can promise a championship a year, but again, unless you are in playoffs, you’re not going to get a chance to win. So I like to have the team in a position to compete for championships year in and year out.”

The Lakers are the most popular and polarizing team in the whole NBA. Now, with LeBron James on their roster, they are the most attractive team despite not being a competitive one. The franchise is still the third most valuable and, year in year out, they top the list for merchandise sales. Now they just need to compete for a title once again.

No reason to tank for the Lakers

There's no reason for the Lakers to tank in the upcoming seasons. They have extended LeBron James for the next two years. They want to win with the ‘King’ before he retires.


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