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Juan Toscano-Anderson reciev a 'royal' welcome in L.A.

By James Brown

Juan Toscano-Anderson reciev a 'royal' welcome in L.A.

The newly signed Juan Toscano-Anderson received an amazing welcome from the people in Los Angeles.

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The Los Angeles Lakers haven't done much during this offseason to upgrade their roster so that they can compete for a playoff spot in the upcoming season. The team's front office let go some veterans and replaced them with youth talent. Among the new signees is Juan Toscano-Anderson, the Mexican-American guard. Although he has still yet to play a single minute with the team, Lakers fans in Los Angeles have decided to give the player a very special welcome.

Toscano-Anderson is coming off a three-year tenure with the Golden State Warriors. The guard helped the team win their fourth NBA Finals last season. Toscano-Anderson played in 139 games for the Warriors, where he averaged 4.8 points per game, 3.3 rebounds and 2.2 assists and 52.3 percent from the field and 36.1 percent from 3-point range. He also became the first NBA player of Mexican descent to win an NBA championship.

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His Mexican heritage might be the reason why he received such a warm welcome from the Lakers, as some fans decided to create an approximately 10-foot mural of Toscano-Anderson in a Lakers jersey while holding the Mexican flag. Los Angeles is one of the -if not the- cities with the most Hispanic roots. There are almost 2 million Hispanic people living in Los Angeles. That's an impressive number, especially as there's only 4 million total people living in the city.

It's unusual to see this kind of mural, especially for players with such a short NBA resume, and even likely if the player has no history with the Lakers. This piece of art can only make us remember the mural done in honour of Kobe Bryant or the one done for LeBron James. Toscano-Anderson's mural might not be as big as the ones done for the two NBA legends, but it's definitely a special one for the Mexican player.

What does Juan Toscano-Anderson bring to the Lakers?

The Lakers needed to add some big defensive players and some big-time shooters to the team. However, Toscano doesn't particularly fit into either category. However, according to Cleaning the Glass, Toscano-Anderson posted a 17.4% assist percentage last season. He also ranked in the 96th percentile among all forwards in assist-to-usage ratio (which measures how often a player gets an assist given how much they have the ball). This might not be what the Lakers fans were expecting during this offseason, but he can be an important offensive player.



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