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LeBron James is only interested in stats and he doesn't care about anything else

LeBron James is 1325 points away from Kareem.

By James Brown

LeBron James is 1325 points away from Kareem.
LeBron James is 1325 points away from Kareem.
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It is normal for athletes to seek to increase their statistics because, although championships are ultimately the most important thing, personal statistics also serve as a parameter. Think of Usain Bolt, he might not have broken the 100m world record and still have all his gold medals, but his enormous skills allowed him to do both. LeBron James is one of those athletes who prioritize collective triumphs but his talent has allowed him to be among the players with the best statistics.

Haters have always looked for any pretext to attack and criticize King LeBron. One of those constant criticisms is that James is only looking to increase his stats to break certain records and position himself in a better way in terms of numbers. But is this true? Is LeBron only looking for stats or is he looking for the greater good for his team?


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Well, for the 3-time NBA all-star Gilbert Arenas this is a big lie. "I said, 'LeBron is probably the only player, the only superstar that never had that year,'" Arenas said. "He's never had that year where he says, 'Hey, screw everybody. I'm trying to get my stats.' Because I said, 'If he ever did that, who's stopping him?' ' That guy would average 40-something."

Usually, if you look at LeBron James' stats, you might think he's just looking to inflate them. LeBron James is the second leading scorer in NBA history behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He is top 10 in assists. He is 15 playoff games away from becoming the player with the most playoff appearances. He is the only player to have achieved a 30k-10k-10k (points, assists, and rebounds). Just imagine if LeBron chased stats, as Arenas says, his numbers would be insane (they already are).

This season he will pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The name LeBron Raymone James is already written in golden letters in NBA history, but he can still be better and everything seems to indicate that he will be so. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar currently holds the record for most points in NBA history with 38,387. King LeBron is just 1,325 points away from tying it. According to ESPN James should average 27.1 points assuming he plays 49 games, 20.9 if he plays 64, and 17.6 if he plays 76. It seems that LBJ will pass the all-mighty Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.



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