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LeBron James might change sports after this offer

By James Brown

LeBron James might change sports after this offer

LeBron James is a special talent that even teams in other sports try to recruit him to join their teams.

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LeBron James went to Seattle to play in Jamal Crawford's CrawsOver Pro-Am summer league. This is the first time the all-star player played in the state of Washington state since he played against the Seattle Supersonics in 2007. Now the Seattle Seahawks, an NFL team, took advantage that the ‘King’ is playing their state to extend an offer to the future Hall of Famer to play for their team. This might not be the best time to make an offer, as he just signed an extension with the Lakers.

This is not the first time that there has been an offer for LeBron James in the NFL. James actually played as a wide receiver for St. Vincent–St. Mary's football team. He received some offers to play college football for Division 1 schools such as Notre Dame. At the end of his sophomore year, he was named first team all-state. However, he didn't continue his football career as he suffered a wrist injury. Eventually, he decided to go directly to pro basketball at the end of his senior year.

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It's been reported that LeBron hasn't been that far away from the NFL as it would seem. He is a well-known Cowboys fan and he assists at their games every time he can. There are even rumors that the King has been approached by teams in the NFL to try him out. Last year, James admitted that both the Cowboys and Seahawks offered him tryouts in 2011 and said that he “would have made the team.” Of course, he has always been committed to every NBA team he has played for.

Right now, the Seahawks need all the help they can get. However, they probably won't get it from the four-time NBA champion. Still, there's nothing wrong with imagining what would've happened if Lebron had decided to stick to football instead of basketball. We have seen players do the transition and excel in the NFL. There's no reason to believe he couldn't do the same.

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LeBron James' talent is undeniable. He has shown that he is capable of winning wherever he goes, as he has won with the three teams that he has played for. However, his last years with the Lakers have not been exactly as we would've expected. Now, with a new extension, he must bring the Lakers back to contention.





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