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LeBron James' son get his first Division 1 offer from Duquesne

By James Brown

LeBron James' son get his first Division 1 offer from Duquesne

LeBron James' son, Bryce James, received his first college offer to play D1 basketball at Duquesne.

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LeBron James' sons have become internet sensations during the last week. Both teenagers went alongside the California Basketball Club, to play an Euro Tour. They made the highlights as LeBron James shared a video of the young players sharing a court for the first time. Bronny has been more active as he is older and might be playing alongside his father in a not too long future.  However, now Bryce has announced he received a Division 1 offer from Duquesne via his social media.

It's still too early to put Duke as a guarantee for the young player, as he has still yet to enter his sophomore year. The reason why Duquesne sent Bryce an offer so early, might have something to do with coach Keith Dambrot, who coached LeBron in high school. Bryce's heritage might have an input. Still, it's worth noting that The Dukes have registered a 71-71 record in the last five years, since Dambort joined the program.

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According to ‘Draft Room’, the younger James' son could be entering the league by 2026, but he might be drafted later. Right now, Bryce is listed as a 6'6 guard/center and, so far, his scouting report says “A very skilled outside shooter with a soft touch and near perfect form, Bryce is a big wing with a high skill level and a quickly improving game. He has a strong frame and should continue to add a few more inches to his height over the next few years. He is already dunking and will keep improving his bounce and body control as he grows into his frame.”

Right now, Bronny has received the most attention out of the two. But early reports said that Bryce might end up being better than his brother. Still, one thing is certain, we will be seeing the two James brothers playing in the NBA in a couple of years. Let's just hope that we can see them play against each other, and play together. And if LeBron James can stay in the League for some more years, why not see them play the three together.

Bronny James College offer

Bronny James will enter his senior year this upcoming season. Right now, everything is pointing to the young player going to college before entering the NBA, unlike his father. So far, Bronny hasn't received many options, but that doesn't mean he won't get more in the future. So far, the oldest James' son has only received an offer from Memphis, according to reports. 



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