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LeBron James would cost the Lakers a future winning project

A lot is at risk by renewing LeBron's contract.

By James Brown

A lot is at risk by renewing LeBron's contract.
A lot is at risk by renewing LeBron's contract.
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If there is a team that is not afraid to take risks, it is the Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James is currently expected to sign a contract extension for 2 more years (which is the maximum allowed for a player of his age) in which he will earn $47 million in the first year and $50 million in the second. But the question is, will it be profitable for the Los Angeles Lakers?

There is no doubt that LeBron James is a superhuman and a superstar.  At 37 years old he is in much better physical shape than most of NBA players, and as far as basketball goes he has nothing to prove to anyone. Last season King LeBron averaged over 30 points and went into the final games competing against Joel Embiid for the scoring champ title. But how good will it be to focus the future of a franchise on a player who in theory is in his final years of his career?

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Well, the answer is very obvious. If that player is LeBron James, it is 100% profitable. King LeBron James may or may not lead the Lakers to another championship in his remaining time as gold and purple player but the impact of King LeBron goes beyond that. Starting with a financial point of view. A game in which LeBron James plays sells many more tickets than a game without him, not to mention the amount of jerseys he sells around the world is abysmal.

As we have already mentioned, the intention of Rob Pelinka and the rest of his team is that LeBron James retires as a Laker. Pelinka himself promised him that he would do everything possible to make The King and the Lakers a title contender every remaining year of his career. Now we just have to wait and see if the Lakers can secure the services of Bronny James, LeBron's son, as it is well known that the King wants to share his final years with his firstborn.

LeBron's 20th season

The 20th season of LeBron James' career is about to begin and even though he is getting older, the king looks like a good bottle of wine that gets better with time. The body is unforgiving and even if James spends more than a million dollars a year on his body he will gradually lose speed and strength. However, every season he looks like a more intelligent player who understands the game better and better. We will have to see how far his muscles will allow him to play. Currently, the record for most seasons played is held by the retired Vince Carter with 22.



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