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LeBron James and the secret formula to return the lakers to the winning mentality next season

LeBron James and his great leadership should make things better.

By James Brown

LeBron James and his great leadership should make things better.
LeBron James and his great leadership should make things better.
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Last season, regardless of the results, there was not a great atmosphere among the Lakers players. Several times we saw LeBron James angry about the outcome of a game or the poor performance of a teammate. Although LeBron is a great leader, he also has a strong and intense character. Not for nothing he the greatest of all time (sorry Jordan).

According to Chris Haynes, senior NBA insider for yahoo sports, in an effort to improve the team's situation, not only in terms of basketball (which also needs to be improved) but also in terms of team harmony, LeBron James will once again host the famous mini-camp in San Diego.

In this mini-camp, King LeBron James brings the whole team together to generate good chemistry between each and every player on the team. In sports, it is not only enough to have quality, but it is also necessary to have good chemistry as a team and history has shown us that; the Showtime Lakers, the Chicago Bulls of the 90's, The Dream Team, etc.

Another aspect that will be analyzed in this camp is to establish goals as a team. It is important to remember that training camp starts in September so this minicamp will be very useful for the team since as mentioned the chemistry was not the best last season. You can ask Russell Westbrook or Frank Vogel.

The importance of this minicamp

For King LeBron, this minicamp is very important because from his point of view to win as many games as possible it is vital that the team has a good cohesion. Darvin Ham expects the team to achieve this because last season the lack of cohesion affected not only the players but the whole team ( staff, owner, front office and coach). Lets hope this is a profitable thing and they can improve in everything.

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