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Jeanie Buss holds no secrets in the new series on LA Lakers

In this documentary everyone has the opportunity to express themselves. 

By James Brown

In this documentary everyone has the opportunity to express themselves. 
In this documentary everyone has the opportunity to express themselves. 
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The Lakers are one of the greatest sports entities in the world. Only a few sports teams are on par; Yankees, Real Madrid, Patriots. That's why there are so many Los Angeles Lakers-related products. The brand of Los Angeles Lakers is a money-making machine. Movies, books, magazines, articles, etc., but not all of them always tell the truth.

A couple of months ago "Winning Time" came out on HBO, a series that tells the history of the Los Angeles Lakers since the arrival of Dr. Jerry Buss and the legendary Earvin "Magic" Johnson. The series was well seen by almost everyone, but there were those who did not agree with everything that was mentioned. Kareem and Magic expressed their opposition to the series at the time; "First of all, you can't do a story about the Lakers without the Lakers," says Johnson, 62. You gotta have the guys. There's no way to duplicate Showtime. I don't care who you get."

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On Aug. 15, a new Los Angeles Lakers film was released on Hulu that, according to Jeanie Buss, shows the real story of the franchise. The daughter of the late Dr. Jerry Buss stated that, unlike Winning Time, she wants everyone to have a chance to have their say. In this docu-series Jeanie serves as executive producer and the rest of the Buss family clearly plays a part in crafting the documentary.

"I want everybody to have an opportunity to tell their experience. Because I know, from my point of view, what I saw and experienced," Jeanie Buss said. "But I really have enjoyed listening to what it was like for former players being on this team. I even learned a lot through this process. And I want Laker fans, who know the wins and the losses, I want them to see the other side, the toll of losing, the toll of winning. ... It's not all just about championships and highlight film. It's about the people who lived the story and their truth."

You can now watch this great series 

The series is now on Hulu's U.S. platform. Hopefully, this series will allow players who were once part of the Los Angeles Lakers to share their experience and their opinion about how they lived their time in the most important team in the NBA. For now, we're off to watch Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers".


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