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NBA insider makes interesting comparassion between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant

By James Brown

NBA insider makes interesting comparassion between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant insider Mark Medina, compares LeBron James' future with Kobe Bryant last years with the Lakers.

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LeBron James and  the Los Angeles Lakers agreed to an extension last week that will keep the ‘King’ with the Purple and Gold for two more years. The new deal will give the player $97 million, which will make James the highest-earning player in NBA history. However, according to an NBA insider, this deal is more like a 'farewell contract' instead of a ' championship win' deal.

According to Marc Medina, this new deal looks a lot like the deal that Kobe Bryant did in 2013. The final contract ‘Mamba’ ever signed with the Lakers was a two-year, $48 million extension in November of 2013. Of course, LeBron was going to get paid way more than Kobe was, but everyone knew he wasn't going to win another championship.

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Medina explained during an appearance on an episode of ‘The Old Couple’, "I think, for better or for worse, there’s gonna be some parallels to LeBron’s latest extension to what Kobe Bryant had with his last deal, which felt like it was a farewell tour more than anything else."

LeBron James has had his worst season since his first two years in the league. LeBron James' numbers are still MVP caliber, but team success hasn't been there. True, they won a championship in 2020, but, two out of the four seasons, they have missed the postseason, and the last one they were eliminated in the first round. This year it seems they might miss the playoffs or be eliminated again in the first round.

LeBron James future

LeBron James is still the best player on the Lakers roster. But the truth is that he no longer leads the team to a championship on his own. The Lakers are starting to make some moves, but so far, there's not a significant change that makes us think they can compete for the title.


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