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Russell Westbrook is Darivn Ham's ace up one's sleeve to make the Lakers work

If Russell Westbrook wants to stay at L.A. he need to improve his game

By James Brown

If Russell Westbrook wants to stay at L.A. he need to improve his game
If Russell Westbrook wants to stay at L.A. he need to improve his game
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We don't know what will happen with Russell Westbrook's future. Every day there are rumors that place Westbrook on different teams; Jazz, Knicks, Nets. Lakers fans have made it clear that they do not want him wearing the purple and gold colors but it is not so easy to place him on another team because we have to remember that Westbrook is paid 47 million.

In the meantime, Darvin Ham has to come up with a game plan that includes the Long Beach native. A couple of weeks before the start of training camp, it was announced that if Westbrook does not leave the team, it is expected that the Lakers' No. 0 will be able to improve his numbers drastically. One of those aspects to improve is undoubtedly the 3-pointers.

The main idea of the Lakers is that Anthony Davis and King LeBron James will be the ones to command the team's offense while Russell Westbrook will be positioned in the corners as it was where he was most effective in terms of three-pointers.

Last season Russell Westbrook made 45.1% of his three-pointers from the corner. This is great a number for Russell Westbrook to help the Lakers a lot. It is worth mentioning that Darvin Ham stated that one of the things that motivated him to lead the Lakers was the opportunity to work with Westbrook.
"I'm thrilled to coach Russ. They try to dump on Russ, I'm like that was one of the things that got me excited about this job. He and I have had a great rapport since I've taken over the job man.

Westbrook trade deadline is training camp.

According to Jovan Buha; Lakers beat writer for the athletic, the "deadline" to trade Westbrook is training camp.
"There is a sense among some that training camp is a soft deadline to move Westbrook. If he's on the roster in late September, there will be a massive off-court distraction, with the media asking about his future, his relationship with James and the organization, Ham's vision of his role and responsibilities." The Lakers still awaiting possible trade for Westbrook's potential departure

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