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The Lakers are still going to make a 'significant' trade

By James Brown

The Lakers are still going to make a 'significant' trade

According to NBA insider Brian Windhorst, the Lakers are going to make a significant trade.

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The Lakers have been really quiet during this offseason. They signed LeBron James to a two-year extension, and now they traded for an all-defensive player in Patrick Beverley. Those moves help the team to improve, but not enough to compete against the teams in the West, and even less for the championship.

According to NBA analyst Brian Windhorst, the Lakers aren't done making moves. He believes they will make a significant move by February. Maybe by then it could be too little too late, as the hardest part of their season is the first two months of the campaign. Windhorst, doesn't close the door on Kyrie Irving just yet.

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"My guess is, by February, the Lakers will have made a significant trade. I don't know who it will be for. I just don't know for sure. Just because the Nets may have a certain position today, doesn't mean they'll feel that way in six weeks. Doesn't mean they'll feel that way in three months," he said during a podcast appearance on Lakers Talk.

Windhorst continued explaining the Lakers' plan for their next roster moves.  "The Lakers may just have to remain patient. I think the message the Lakers have sent is that they're willing to pay to upgrade the roster but they do not want to pay to just trade off Russell Westbrook. Their mission is not to just trade Russ. They want to pay to significantly improve their team."

Lakers next move

As Brian Windhorst explained, the Lakers can be patient and decide what their next move will be. But something is clear, they need to upgrade their offense, either with one all-star player or with two. That could be the case of Myles Turner and Buddy Hield.


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