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The big player that the Los Angeles Lakers should push for

By James Brown

The big player that the Los Angeles Lakers should push for

According to an ESPN analyst, the Lakers should push to add more size and there’s one player that can help them.

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The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t done much during this offseason. A few days ago, they signed LeBron James to a two-year extension, which is important because he’s the most important player for the team. However, they still lack depth, and their overall roster is below average. If the Purple and Gold want to be competitive next season, they should make a push for players that can make an impact, like Myles Turner.

According to ESPN analyst, Marc J. Spears, adding Myles Turner from the Indiana Pacers. Not only because he’s a good player, but because he adds depth to the roster. Last year, once LeBron James and Anthony Davis were out, there was no one that could fill the void. Anthony Davis will probably be out some time during the season. Myles turner can definitely rotate so that the all-star absence is not felt.

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“If you get Myles Turner, he averaged seven rebounds a game last season. He also makes one-and-a-half threes a game. He averaged 13.0 points. I think Myles Turner really helps the Lakers. If Anthony Davis misses games, you’ve got a quality power forward/center who could fill the void. That was the bad thing with the Lakers. Once Anthony was gone, their bigs were depleted... Without Anthony Davis, he could have helped the ship stay afloat,” explained Spears.

Of course, the Lakers are not expecting the 26-year-old to give the team the same production as Davis, as last season Myles Turner only averaged 12.9 points, 7.1 rebounds and 2.8 blocks in 42 games. His numbers throughout his career aren’t much better either, but you’ll be adding him because of his size, as he is 6ft 11in. Still, there’s no news from the Lakers front office making a move for the Pacers’ player.

The Lakers don’t want to give first-round picks

The Lakers need to make a move as they probably have the sixth or seventh best roster in the West. If they want to compete for the playoffs, they should make a move for some players that can help the team. However, according to reports, Rob Pelinka is only willing to offer first round picks to Kyrie Irving. 


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