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The big prospect that the Lakers would let go.

They would let him go in exchange for a three-point contest winner.

By James Brown

They would let him go in exchange for a three-point contest winner.
They would let him go in exchange for a three-point contest winner.
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We know that the Lakers are in a rebuilding process. With new players like Juan Toscano Anderson, Troy Brown, Thomas Bryant,  Damian Jones, and rookie Max Christie the Lakers expect the new season to be much different than last season. They are also awaiting the possible addition of Kyrie Irving for a possible big 3 with LeBron and Davis.

But there is one player who has an extraordinary level and has taken a back seat for the Lakers on last season. Talen Horton Tucker also known as THT went unnoticed last season when much more was expected of him. The 22-year-old showed his great qualities in the last championship season for the Los Angeles Lakers but something about him has faded. So much so that he is being displaced for other young players like Stanley Johnson and Austin Reaves.

A couple of weeks ago there was a rumor that Talen Horton Tucker would be traded to the Indiana Pacer in exchange for Buddy Hield. The Los Angeles Lakers are interested in a trade in which they would trade Talen Horton-Tucker for Buddy Hield, according to reporter Marc Stein. However, this move raises some doubts because although Buddy Hield would be an immediate impact player, Talen Horton Tucker is undoubtedly one of the team's most interesting prospects.

Talen Horton Tucker has already been with the team for 3 seasons and curiously his best season has been as a rookie in the 2019- 2020 season. According to Bleacher Report, a specialized sports website, Talen Horton Tucker is the best prospect from the Lakers over rookie Max Christie and the aforementioned youngsters, Austin Reaves and Stanley Johnson.

A very difficult decision

Now the Lakers must make an important decision regarding the future of Talen Horton Tucker because although he is an excellent player and undoubtedly a top prospect, he can be used as a bargaining chip to get Buddy Hield or Myles Turner.  On the other hand teams like Indiana have shown more interest in him than Westbrook who has a 47M contract that not everyone can afford.

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