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The image that LeBron James gave us at the CrawsOver League

The king showed no mercy to this player 

By James Brown

The king showed no mercy to this player 
The king showed no mercy to this player 
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Yesterday a game took place in the CrawsOver league, organized by former NBA player Jamal Crawford. The game featured NBA players such as current Larry Bird Award winner Jayson Tatum and King LeBron James who put on a show worthy of one of the greatest players in NBA history.

Beyond the disaster in which everything ended due to the suspension of the game because the court was too slippery, King LeBron James gave us a picture that Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Chet Holgrem will never forget.

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You won't believe what one of LeBron's former teammates said about him.

That's how LeBron James stays in such incredible shape at 37 years old.

On a play in which King LeBron James was on his way to score, Chet Holgrem tried to stop him and take the ball away. Seconds later he ended up injured. This is really not surprising because the difference in physicality and size between the king and the rookie is abysmal. Despite his physicality, Holgrem is a very talented player and in fact, he managed to avoid LeBron James' score on that play.

“Watching Chet Holmgren in person was an experience,” said Old Man & the Three podcast host J.J. Redick. “He’s got a confidence to his game. He’s got a competitiveness to his game. He’s got a really strong belief in self.” “Watching that frame move so fluidly, his ball-handling skills, it did remind me of a young Giannis. I hate the comparison because Giannis is one of one, and hopefully, Chet will become one of one. But watching him move in transition reminded me of a young Giannis,” said Redick.

There were people who camped out to see King LeBron.

As mentioned before, the game was suspended because the court was slippery and this endangered the integrity of the players. On the bright side for some people, they had the opportunity to see LeBron James in action. Being a free event, there were people who camped out days before the event to secure their spot. We really don't think there is a player that currently generates what LeBron Raymond James generates.



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