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They've gone crazy. The Lakers want to risk their future for a player

Let's hope the Lakers know what they're doing by risking all of this.

By James Brown

Let's hope the Lakers know what they're doing by risking all of this.
Let's hope the Lakers know what they're doing by risking all of this.
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By now everyone knows that the Los Angeles Lakers main interest is Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving. As the days go by more and more rumors come out, and the possibility of Kyrie Irving's arrival increases, more so when it is known that the Lakers want to get rid of Russell Westbrook.

In the first approaches for the Kyrie Irving trade, it was made clear that it will not be enough with the arrival of Russell Westbrook to the Brooklyn Nets team, but it is also expected that the Lakers will give a certain amount of picks from future drafts.

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It's certainly ambitious to want to pair Kyrie with LeBron and Davis. And we don't know if this is going to be possible because the financial "engineering" has to be more than an NBA2K season. What seems certain is that the Los Angeles Lakers franchise wants these three names to be the ones in charge of leading the Lakers back to greatness after 2 lousy seasons and why not think about the coveted 18th championship? With the security of LeBron, the task of reinforcing the other positions follows.

'The Athletic', stated that the Lakers would look to cash in on their offer for Irving after giving the Nets the maximum first-rounders. In addition to those first rounds, the aforementioned Russell Westbrook would be a key piece to any trade the Lakers might make. The problem here is that if Irving comes in and doesn't perform as expected, the Lakers will have thrown their future away.

Potential starting 5

If Kyrie Irving arrives, the Lakers' starting five would be boosted. Darvin Ham would probably play Kyrie Irving at point guard, LeBron James and Loonie Walker at small forward and shooting guard, Davis at power forward, and Thomas Bryant at the center. Also remember that at the moment it looks like the Lakers bench is better than last season as they have players like Juan Toscano Anderson, Troy Brown, and youngsters Austin Reaves and Stanley Johnson.



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