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This is how Jeanie Buss believes the Lakers will be contender

By James Brown

This is how Jeanie Buss believes the Lakers will be contender

During an interview with GQ Lakers owner, Jeanie Buss, she explained how the team is going to compete this season.

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The Lakers have been very mediocre during the last decade. True, they won a championship in 2020, but despite that, almost every season since 2010 has ended in great disappointment. Now Jeanie Buss, believes some of the changes they have made are going to help the team to be contenders once again.

“We changed coaches, so that’s a new voice. And we are continuing to, hopefully, stay injury-free. We want to see Anthony Davis stay on the floor and be healthy the whole season. And when you have Anthony and LeBron, there’s a lot of great things that can happen," explained the Lakers Owner for GQ.

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Jeanie Buss, also added that the young talent they have signed during this offseason will help the team too. Still, she said that there are some resources, meaning players, that they still need to add to give their new head coach the chance to compete in the next couple of seasons.

"But you have to have a supporting cast of players that can fill roles and also stay injury free. We have Kendrick Nunn coming back after missing last season, and a lot of young players that…I can name names, but until we see how they play there really isn’t…we have to give Darvin Ham all of the time and resources he needs to put the team together to see how they move forward, ” concluded Buss.

Do the Lakers need to make more moves?

Jeanie Buss argues that the young players they have signed will be part of the reason why they'll be competitive in the upcoming campaign. However, the team looks worse than last season and they ended up missing the playoffs. They still need to add an all-star player to the roster if they want to compete.


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