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This player be the next Kobe Bryant according to former Lakers Coach

By James Brown

This player be the next Kobe Bryant according to former Lakers Coach

As always comparassions with Kobe Bryant will never end but this Laker coach thinks he found the new Kobe.

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Many players have been compare to the great late Kobe Bryant in the past years, however none have lived to expectation. Now a former Laker assistant coach Phil Handy thinks that Kyrie Irving is the closest thing to Kobe Bryant there's been with a few differences such as height. With the news surrounding the possible trade to make the all-star player a Lakers for next season, this comparrassion might grow more and more.

As said above Irving’s name has been in the news all summer long. Since Irving asked for a trade to the Brooklyn Nets, every team have look to get the player to his roster, but Los Angeles Lakers seems to be the team pushing all the coins in the table sending two first round picks and Russell Westbrook in order to make Irving join LeBron James and Anthony Davis to compete for a new championship, something that didn't happened last year.

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The quote was “If Kyrie was 6’6, you would see Kobe mirrored back at you” however neither the stats or the game can compare that comparaison. Bryant was a five-time NBA Champion, known for his insane competitive drive, unrivaled work ethic and tremendous talent on the basketball court. Meanwhile Irving a one-time NBA Champion, has been known for putting himself before the team especially  with everything that happened last season with his vaccine status.

It's true both players have an amazing offensive power with the ability to shoot from anywhere in the court, and score when it's needed. But Kobe was named to the NBA All-Defense team 12 times with 9 of those 12 being in the first team. As for Kyrie, he isn't a player that is known for his defense skills, nor his willingness to help the team in that side of the ball. However Phil Handy was able to see both players first hand as he was part of the Lakers from 2011-13 and in Cleveland from 2013-18.

Will Kyrie Irving be a resemble of Kobe in Los Angeles next season?

The Lakers are willing to offer two first-round picks for Kyrie. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a trade is about to take place. The Brooklyn Nets also have to be willing to take on Russell Westbrook’s contract too. However, Westbrook was criticized for not being at his best when James and Davis went down still he was available, the same can't be said by Kyrie who hasn't available for the Nets by choice.





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