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Two former players claim LeBron James is the best scorer ever

By James Brown

Two former players claim LeBron James is the best scorer ever

Former players, Richard Jefferson & Gilbert Arenas, claim that LeBron James is the best scorer in NBA history.

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LeBron James is one of the best players in NBA history. There's a debate that he could be the best player ever. What's unquestionable is that he has been the best player of his generation and that he has been really consistent throughout his nearly 20 seasons in the league. Now, James is just a few games apart from breaking the all-time scoring record that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has held for over 30 years. According to two former players, he is undoubtedly the best scorer ever.

During an interview for ‘No Chill’, Richard Jefferson, a former Cleveland Cavaliers player, argued that, for him, LeBron is the best scorer because of the consistency that he has shown over his lengthy career. "People might disagree with me. But understand this, the greatest scorer is not only it's consistency, it's longevity and it's amount." explained James' former teammate, as for him it's more important to score consistently and not in bursts.

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Jefferson continued pointing out LeBron's postseason achievements, "He passed Michael Jordan three seasons ago and he's going to add to that, right? So, to pass LeBron James in all-time playoff scoring records, somebody is going to have to do what? Average 30 points a game and go to 13 NBA Finals. That's not gonna be broken! The playoff one's not. And then he's going to pass Kareem. As much as we don't see him as a scorer."

Then Gilbert Arenas added to the conversation that it's amazing how, even if LeBron is not a natural scorer, he still puts these kinds of numbers. “The guy who's a fast pass first thinker has beaten out two dominant scorers. So how do you say he is not a scorer… So if you say who's the best natural scorer in the game today, everybody is going to say KD. But if you say all the time it would be LeBron”, explained the former Wizards player.

LeBron James and Kareem's Record

LeBron James has scored a total of 37,062 points throughout his career. That's only 1,325 shy of Kareem's record of 38,387. James has averaged a total of 27.1 points per game since he entered the league 20 years ago. If he continues with this career average, the ‘King’ will only need 49 games to surpass the Lakers' legend.




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