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Two new trade targets for the Los Angeles Lakers after Kyrie Irving's failure

By James Brown

Two new trade targets for the Los Angeles Lakers after Kyrie Irving's failure

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant will stay with the Brooklyn Nets. This means the Lakers should look elsewhere for players.

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Throughout this whole offseason, the Lakers have only been interested in trading for one player and one player only. Rob Pelinka wanted to reunite Kyrie Irving with LeBron James, by sending Russell Westbrook and two first round picks in exchange for an all-star player. However, with the news of Kevin Durant staying in Brooklyn, a possible trade is now closed. Now, the Lakers need to look for another player that can make an impact on the team.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Lakers are now going to pursue two players, both from the Utah Jazz. According to the insider, the Purple and Gold could go with either or both, Patrick Beverley or Bojan Bogdanovic. “As it is right now, the Lakers are open to anything that makes the team better. There's a deal out there, they can go get multiple different players that make the team better. I would keep an eye on Patrick Beverley and Bojan Bogdanovic in Utah” commented Shams.

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The Lakers so far have only signed LeBron James to an extension, and added some young players. But this doesn't make them better looking into the upcoming season. Let's not forget that, right now, they depend on what James and Anthony Davis can do, but as we know, Davis never stays healthy, so he can't put the team on his shoulders. And LeBron is no longer the ‘Iron-man’ he once was. They need players that can win a couple of games when the two are no longer available.

According to Charania, this move is not for a splash but for consistency. "Those are the types of guys that, if you can go get two or three rotation players, plug into your team,you kind of get better in some parts. I think those are the types of move that you are going to see the Lakers trying to do. I don't think they're done necessarily, I think they'll still try to get this team better" concluded the NBA insider during his appearance on the Pat McAfee Show.

Should the Lakers offer first rounders for some players?

It's no news that Rob Pelinka only wanted to offer the two first rounders for Kyrie Irving. But the team should start thinking about what their plan is for the future. They signed LeBron James to an extension, but they have no plan on how to help him take this team to a deep playoff run. The Lakers don't have any first round picks until 2027, way after James' contract is over. Rob Pelinka should consider if he wants to win with LeBron, or  start building for the post-LeBron era.


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