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What a great lack of respect for Lakers fans.

This is what the arena will look like next season 

By James Brown

This is what the arena will look like next season 
This is what the arena will look like next season 
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Yesterday it was announced that the number 6 would be retired from NBA uniforms. No player will be able to wear the number 6. This is due to a tribute in honor of the legend not only of the Boston Celtics but of the entire NBA, Bill Russell. Bill Russell was a player who marked a before and after in the history of the NBA. 11 championships, 5 MVPs, 12 all-stars, 3 times best team in the NBA and one-time DPOY are some of the numbers of this NBA legend.

Bill Russell's impact was not only on the court. Russell was a fervent advocate for the rights of people afro descendants. He was involved in the fight against racism. For these things and many more, he was given this honor as the first number to retire for all 30 teams in the league.

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Laker fans have no problem recognizing a player like Bill Russell, despite being from the Boston Celtics. The problem for Lakers fans lies in a small shamrock with the number 6 that will be on the court for the entire season. It may seem silly that some fans are upset about this. But those who know about basketball know that the rivalry between the Lakers and Celtics is the real deal.

From our humble point of view, the shamrock on the court is disrespectful to the purple and gold institution. It seems that it is not enough to retire the number of a player who did not defend your colors and to wear patches on the jerseys in honor of the same player. We think that this measure should not be imposed. Each team should pay tribute to him in their own way as it was done with Kobe Bryant when he passed away, or as it was whit Micheal Jordan when he retired.

There is great respect but there is also rivalry.

Anyone who knows about this rivalry knows that if anything related to the Los Angeles Lakers is painted (even the slightest bit) green, it is disrespectful to the team. We will have to wait to see if the day our great idols like Kareem or Magic pass away (hopefully not soon) they will be given the same recognition as Bill Russell, who of course deserves it.



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