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You won't believe what Victor Oladipo had to say about Russell Westbrook

Victor Oladipo said something  shoking about Russell Westbrook

By James Brown

Victor Oladipo said something  shoking about Russell Westbrook
Victor Oladipo said something  shoking about Russell Westbrook
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Opinions about Russell Westbrook are very divided. People who defend him and people who criticize him. From our humble point of view, Russ didn't have such a bad season, but the truth is that he didn't fill our expectations which by the way, were high. Expectations generated by his arrival set the bar very high and he failed to surpass it.

A few days ago Victor Oladipo post a photo showing him and Russell Westbrook training. It was the Miami Heat player himself who titled the picture as his next "revenge tour" talking about both him and the Lakers' number 0. Remember that both players shared the court in Oklahoma and although it was a brief period because Oladipo would leave OKC Thunder to went to Indiana, they made a great friendship.

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By being close to Russell Westbrook and living in a similar situation in Miami, Oladipo knows where Russell Westbrook is at. According to the Florida point guard, Russell hopes to have a much better season and prove his worth not only to his teammates and coaches but to the entire Laker nation.

It is known that Westbrook is a player with the talent to spare, not for nothing was MVP in the 16-17 season and is currently the player with the most triple-doubles in history. But although he had one or two good games this past season, the truth is that much more was expected from him. Now we will have to wait and see if he stays or goes. If in the end, Russ leaves the team, we wish him the best of luck but if he stays he has to be aware that it will be his last chance not only to show his talent but probably to win at least one ring in his career.

Russell Westbrook has the full confidence of Darvin Ham.

The new coach of the Lakers has already made it clear that if he stays in Los Angeles, Russell Westbrook will have his full confidence but will also demand 100%. "Russ is one of the best players our league has ever seen and there’s still a ton left in that tank. I don’t know why people tend to try to write him off. I’m gonna approach him like I do every player I’ve ever encountered. We’re gonna talk about our running habits, with the ball, without the ball, and again the team, the rhythm of the team and trying to establish a rhythm with LeBron, Russ, AD. And again share the load defensively and offensively.”



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