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The Lakers are not interested in Kicks star Julius Randle

By James Brown

The Lakers are not interested in Kicks star Julius Randle

According to an NBA insider, the Los Angeles Lakers are not interested in trading Knicks star, Julius Randle.

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The Lakers have been unbelievably quiet during this offseason. They have let go of some of the veterans and replaced them with young talent. They have also signed LeBron James to a two-year extension, but that's it. Rob Pelinka tried desperately to trade for Kyrie Irving but his bets didn't pay off. Now they are back where they started, with a below-average roster, and Russell Westbrook on the team.

There have been some rumors linking top players with the Lakers, but so far nothing is official. The latest of this rumor was Julius Randle, the former Lakers first round pick. However, that has been shut down as it is very unlikely that the Purple and Gold will try to trade for a player that they'd already let go in a prior trade.

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According to Jovan Buha from The Athletic, the Lakers want nothing to do with Randle's contract, and he doesn't believe it would be a good fit with LeBron and AD. “The Lakers aren’t interested in taking back Julius Randle from the Knicks, considering his contract (three years plus a player option on the fourth year) and less-than-ideal fit with Davis and James."

Buha also added that the Spurs might be a team interested in Russell Westbrook, but that's only if there are two first rounders too. Which the Lakers front office have repeatedly said they don't want to offer. "The Spurs don’t have much to offer aside from absorbing Westbrook’s contract, which is certainly beneficial for the Lakers, but not at the cost of two first-round picks.”

Russell Westbrook Future with the Lakers

It's not news that Rob Pelinka has been trying to send Russell Westbrook away since the start of the offseason. The team thought that a former MVP was the missing piece they needed to get to another championship, but his terrible season and James and Davis injuries resulted in a 33-49 season. Now everything is pointing towards a start of the season with Russell still on the team.


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